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What is a Traffic Circle?

A traffic circle, or roundabout, is a circular intersection which directs the flow of traffic to be more efficient and safe. To keep the traffic flow consistent, these intersections are not controlled by traffic lights or stop signs. Instead, roundabouts use yield signs and a slow continuous flow of traffic to move cars through the intersection without having to come to a complete stop. 

Traffic circles are typically circular or oval with multiple entry and exit points. Traffic in the circle continually flows and traffic entering follows a yield-based entry as they approach. The drivers entering the circle must slow down or stop if needed to allow cars already in the circle to continue. Then, when safe, the vehicle entering the roundabout can continue in with the counterclockwise flow of traffic. Often, there are pedestrian crosswalks within or near the traffic circle. Drivers must exercise caution and reduce speed to prevent any collisions. 

Navigating traffic circles safely is an important skill that drivers should master. This includes yielding the right-of-way to vehicles already inside the circle and using turn signals to communicate with other drivers and pedestrians. Usually traffic circles are located at busier intersections to help with the flow of traffic. With proper knowledge and careful driving, encountering a traffic circle can easily be a safe and smooth experience.


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